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The beginning of Daylight Savings is a great time to handle worthy home tasks.

Daylight Savings Home Checklist

We are officially four days into Daylight Savings time. Our cell phones update automatically and most clocks around our homes are easy to adjust. But what about your car's clock? I always have to pull out my car's manual to remember how to reset that clock. Going through the mechanics of a time change is a good reminder to do other home chores that are often overlooked. And with Daylight Savings time, you have more daylight at the end of a work day which makes some chores just a little easier to do.

Culling Expired Items

1. There are three places in most households where we store items with an expiration date. Our medicine cabinet, spice rack and refrigerator. Does your ketchup date back to 2016? If so, it might be time to restock. 

Condiments do have an expiration date and it's easy to overlook them - especially if you don't use them every day. Daylight savings time is a good reminder to go through your condiments and throw away expired items. Likewise, it's a good time to go through your spice cabinet and see what needs refreshing. 

Unused medications should be thrown away if for no other reason, to prevent someone else from accessing them. These culling and replenishing tasks aren't top of mind on a daily basis. Using Daylight Savings as a reminder is an effective way to make sure these projects are completed.

Home Maintenance

2. Use Daylight Savings time as a reminder to change out your smoke alarm batteries and air filters. These are preventative maintenance chores that assist with keeping your home clean and safe. 

3. Change the direction of your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are found in most Florida homes. In the warmer months - which is most of the year in Florida, you want your fan blades to spin counter clockwise, pushing air down. Carry a dust cloth with you while you're up there to remove the dust that collects over time.

4. Clean your gutters. Keeping gutters free of debris prevents damage from occuring. You want free open gutters to handle the afternoon rains that come with summer.

5. Review your emergency kit. Every home should have an emergency kit with first aid supplies, and home supplies like batteries and non-perishable food. These are handy for power outages. Besides, we're just a few months away from Hurricane Season so it's good to keep your kit well stocked at all times.

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