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Today is the First Day of Fall. Here's how to get the feeling of fall in Florida.
If you're a new resident to Florida and you've moved from another location with four distinct seasons, you'll notice right away things are different here in the south. Your experience will vary depending on where you are in the state. If you're in the south, central or southwest part of Florida, you aren't going to notice a drastic change. If you're in the northern part of Florida you may get a touch of cooler weather. But across the board, one welcome change this time of year is that the humidity begins to drop. It's what makes the fall and winter so fantastic and what drives so many residents to endure the heat of the summer. The weather is spectacular. We'll even get the occasional cold front this time of year but don't be fooled - it probably won't stick around for long.

Photo: Flagler Beach by Palm Coast

Fall Activities

The fall is a great time to get back out in the yard to clean up beds and do some refreshing. Take some time to clean up outdoor furniture, pressure wash the driveway, and clean out your gutters. We're still in storm season this time of year, so make sure there aren't tree limbs that need to be cut. Its best to do outside work in the mornings or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day. You'll find community activities to help celebrate the season. This is when festivals and art shows make a return. Local churches and other organizations offer pumpkin patches and hay rides. You might need a long-sleeved shirt or light jacket for some evening activities but you surely won't need a big coat.

Photo: A Pumpkin Patch

Autumn in the home

Even though there isn't a path of fallen leaves to your front door, you can still bring the feeling of fall into your HB Value home. Consider a fall wreath on the front door or pots of mums on the porch or by the door. Create fall arrangements to place on your dining room table or in the living areas where you spend the most time. Enjoy the aroma of fall with a simmering pot of cinnamon sticks or a fall diffuser. Find your favorite fall scent in a candle. Bring in the color of fall with throws, pillows and a change of your bed coverings. 

Fall isn't the same as it was "up north" or elsewhere, but it is something to celebrate. We're heading into the time of year when the weather is simply outstanding. It's perfect for dining at your favorite outdoor restaurant, perfect for a walk in the park, a visit to botanical gardens or a stroll on the beach. Fall in Florida is a reminder to notice the nuances of the season - the lower humidity, the ever so slight and ocassional chill, and lastly, the joy in knowing that you won't be digging your car out of the snow anytime soon, or ever again. 

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Photo: Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens