DIY Refresh with 2020 Spring Colors

Springtime is fast approaching. We’re already in Daylight Savings time. Extended days are an invitation to take on home projects. This is a wonderful time to do a color refresh on your home. 

Since you’re probably switching out your bed linens for warmer weather, why not take the opportunity to pull in bright colors. You can keep your comforter a neutral color and bring in the spring with throw pillows or a throw. Add colorful accessories to liven things up.

Spruce up your entry way with a sky blue striped wall.
Spruce up your entry way with a sky blue striped wall.

The 2020 Color Palette

Good Housekeeping named 10 colors on the 10 Best Spring Colors 2020 palette. The ten colors include Blush, Bright Blue, Sage Green, Camel, Coral, Yellow, Olive Green, Pastels, Sky Blue, and White. Of course, these colors are just someone else’s opinion. Most of us have a favorite color or colors to which we gravitate. Just think before you paint – darker colors can make a tight space feel smaller. That’s why, sometimes just an accent wall is all you need.

Paint - the Inexpensive Drama Queen

Accessories and decorator items add color but if you want a huge color shift, consider painting an accent wall. You can get creative and paint stripes as shown in this entry photo. For a great “how to” video, see this from our friends at Sherwin Williams.  Or, simplify and paint a solid bold color on one wall. 

A spare afternoon and about $50 gets you a nice accent wall.
A spare afternoon and about $50 gets you a nice accent wall.

Adding spring color to refresh your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re handy and you sew, make a fun project of repurposing some of your favorite materials into pillow cases. Just think – that dress may not fit anymore but it would make a great pillow or window shade! Find old furniture in thrift shops and bring it to life with a new coat of paint. 

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