The Art of Staying Home

Homeward bound.

Writing a blog for a homebuilder is a limitless space. You can write about construction, getting a loan to purchase a home or the way new home construction saves you money. You can write about all kinds of things having to do with home – cleaning, cooking or decorating. But we didn’t anticipate writing about staying home. In light of the Coronavirus, that’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

You're grounded.

Americans are feeling a bit isolated in their homes since health officials have strongly encouraged everyone to distance themselves socially. It’s like we’ve been grounded. Many restaurants are not currently permitted to serve inside. Small and large events have been cancelled. Virtually anything that brings people together has come to a stand still to reduce the spread of this virus. School has been cancelled and kids sent home. People are being sent home to work. The only place you may see a crowd is in the grocery store where there are still a few folks peering down the empty toilet paper aisles. 

What do we do?

This strange situation leaves many of us wondering, “so what do we do now?” One of the first noticeable things about this unprecedented time in our history is the realization of how wired we are to consume. These days, “something to do” almost always includes spending money. We go shopping, we dine out, we go to shows – we gather and spend. 

So if we can’t do that, what do we do? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Clean your house. Start by disinfecting door handles, the remote control, your phone – all the common touch points.
  2. Go outside and walk around your yard. Are there any weeds to pull? Dirt to move? Plants to pot? 
  3. Cook. Work from a recipe or get creative. Eat healthy.
  4. Find a creative outlet – sewing, painting, drawing, macrame, knitting…
  5. DIY projects – hopefully you have some supplies around the house.
  6. Movie night, movie day, Netflix… 
  7. Play cards or a board game.
  8. Read.
  9. Exercise.
  10. Stay connected to other people via the phone or social media – especially if you live alone. 
  11. Be sure to ask neighbors if they need anything before heading to the grocery store.

Home is where the heart is and now it is where we are. A positive outlook is always the best course when dealing with something new or difficult. Do your best to make good use of your time. Take a look around and appreciate your home. Be grateful you have a home in which to stay. Feel good knowing that by participating in social distancing, you are doing the most you can do to contribute to the greater good. 

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